Andrew Holt Scholarship

Awarded to a Non-MHS Graduate (one each year)

Andrew D. Holt Scholarship (Class of 1923) - Named in honor of the late Dr. Holt in 1970, this scholarship is selected impartially at the annual alumni meeting. Dr. Holt was President Emeritus, University of Tennessee and a 1923 graduate of Milan High School. This scholarship is open to the natural, adopted and stepchildren of MHS alumni. This is the only MHSAA scholarship that is not given to a MHS graduate. It is awarded to a graduate from a high school other than MHS. To apply for this scholarship, send a notarized letter from the applicant’s high school to MHS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 223, Milan, TN 38358. State the following information: (1) student’s name, address and phone number, (2) parent’s name and year graduated from MHS and (3) statement by principal indicating the applicant will graduate in the current year and has been accepted by a college, university or other institute of higher learning. Scholarships are valid for twelve months after graduation. Only out-of-town high school graduates with the above information filed properly by Friday, June 9th will be eligible for this drawing.